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Artist Statement:

Each of my paintings is an observation; a connection with how objects reflect daily human interactions. I start with a moment that I experience a feeling from, and through the act of painting, I am discovering exactly what that feeling is. I am actively investigating through this process, my perceptions of moments, interactions, and objects in relation to the collective experience. This is a constant exploration of how to portray collective perception that encourages a deeper understanding of individuality. I believe in order for us to unite, we must find these common understandings so that we can begin to view one another as equal. I wish to dig below the surface with hopes that my viewers may dive even further.


Daisy Gesualdi is a graduate of Western Connecticut University in Danbury, Connecticut.  She holds a degree in studio art along with a minor in marketing. Her education also includes studio foundation at Massachusetts College of Art and Design and figurative painting and anatomy at The Arts Students League of New York.


Gesualdi is pursuing her own personal art practice while cultivating her professional experiences working in galleries and museums in a variety of activities from curation to collections management. She currently works with Art and Frame in Newtown, and recently interned with the New Britain Museum of American Art. Gesualdi continues to volunteer with the WCSU art gallery, assisting the university curator in the preparation and curation of exhibitions in the Gallery at the Visual and Performing Arts Center. She is the curator of the exhibition Tangible Traces at the Lynn Tendler Bignell Gallery at Brookfield Craft Center, located in Brookfield, Connecticut.

She primarily works with oil paint on canvas but will often branch into an array of different mediums such as ink on paper and photography. 

Contact Info:

Instagram: daisygesualdi_art

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